Can prerequisite courses be completed at a different college/university?

Yes, prerequisite courses may be taken at your local college or university. The University of Tennessee will accept transfer credit of similar content from any two- or four-year accredited institutions—normally institutions with regional accreditation status in the United States. College transcripts are evaluated after a student is admitted to the university and typically are completed several weeks after the student is admitted. Credits that are not acceptable for transfer include courses that are remedial, occupational, technical, noncredit, or career coursework used for the applied science degree from career and technical programs. For more information regarding credit transfer, see Transfer Credit Policies & Procedures.

How many spaces typically are available each year?

The program enrolls 72 students per year.

Do you accept international students?

Yes, we accept international students into the program. International student applicants need to have their transcripts from international institutions evaluated by any evaluation agency that’s a member of NACES (National Association of Credential Evaluation Services). UT is able to process an application only after receiving the necessary report from the evaluation company. Companies offering these evaluation services include:

Academic Evaluation Services

Educational Credential Evaluators

World Education Services Inc. (WES)

Josef Silny & Associates Inc.

International applicants must also complete the following applications:

NursingCAS Application

University of Tennessee Undergraduate Admissions

Is there a waitlist for the ABSN program?

Yes, students will be notified by email if placed on the waitlist.

Does the Accelerated BSN program require the TEAS test?

No, the College of Nursing does not require this test as part of our admissions process.

Is there a time limit on completed prerequisites?

There is no time limit on prerequisite course completion date. However, if your science prerequisite dates back more than seven years, it may be beneficial to repeat these courses for preparation for the accelerated curriculum.

Is there a part-time option for the program?

No, the Accelerated BSN program is a full-time program.

Can I work while in the program?

The program does not recommend working while being enrolled. However, students may be able to work a part-time schedule, as long as the hours do not conflict with classes, labs, or clinical times.

Does the program have an orientation?

Yes, the program has orientation that is held directly before the start of summer term.

Where will my clinical experiences be located?

Clinical experiences are located in the Knoxville/East Tennessee area. Most clinical locations are a 30 minute drive or less from campus.

What will my schedule be?

Course and clinical schedules will vary semester by semester. Schedules usually post one to two weeks before the semester begins. Students will have classes, clinical experiences, and labs 5 days a week.

Do you accept “C-“or “D” grades?

No, prerequisite courses must be completed with a “C” or higher.

What are your averages for admission?

4 year Average Cumulative GPA: 3.45
4 year Average Prerequisite GPA: 3.52

What if I took a course that should be used as a prerequisite course? How do I get the course reviewed?

Contact the Office of Student Services ( for course questions. We will require a syllabus for the course in question.

Do you accept online courses?

Yes, as long as the course is from a regionally accredited institution. For more information regarding credit transfer, see Transfer Credit Policies & Procedures.

How many applications need to be completed?

All applicants must complete two applications. One application through NursingCAS and the other application through the University of Tennessee.

Do you offer scholarships to ABSN students?

Yes, we have several scholarships that ABSN students can apply for.

Do you accept credit by exam courses?

No, we don’t.