About the Center for Nursing Practice

Established in 2015 through a generous private donation, the Center for Nursing Practice serves to promote healthy communities in Tennessee through supporting activities that improve access to nursing care. Nurse-managed clinics and nurse-led care are key to health in this state as they address a critical challenge seen across Tennessee every day: lack of access to quality affordable care.

In order to ensure nurses provide the best care, the center works to advance nursing education, practice, and research across the state, including expanding knowledge of community partnerships, continuing education, telehealth, and nurse-managed clinics. The center seeks to increase and sustain funding to expand the outreach of nursing to improve health in Tennessee.


The Center for Nursing Practice promotes the health of Tennessee communities through access to care, support the proliferation of nurse-managed clinics, community outreach, collaboration and provide quality education to nurses, healthcare professionals, and nurse leaders in the state of Tennessee and beyond.

Meet the Team

Allison K. Newman
Coordinator- Center for Nursing Practice