Croley Nursing Building Construction Update

Croley Nursing Building on November 15.

Winter 2023 Update

Concrete Structure Update: The construction of the concrete structure is progressing well, and we anticipate its completion by the end of 2023. This significant milestone brings us one step closer to realizing our vision for a state-of-the-art facility.

Upcoming Focus on Exterior Envelope: Following the completion of the concrete structure, the contractor will shift their efforts to the exterior envelope of the building. This phase marks another crucial step in creating a modern and functional space for our nursing community.

Interior Progress: While exterior work is underway, efforts are being made inside the building. The layout and early rough-in are in progress, ensuring that the interior space is efficiently utilized and ready for the next phases of development.

Technology and Design Enhancements: We are excited to share that the audiovisual package, which includes support for high-fidelity simulation and sim-capture, is currently in the bidding process. This cutting-edge technology will significantly enhance the learning experience for our nursing students. Additionally, the theming and graphics design are progressing seamlessly, adding a touch of innovation and creativity to the overall aesthetics of the building.


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