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Interprofessional Education

“Interprofessional education occurs when students from two or more professions learn about, from, and with each other to enable effective collaboration and improve health outcomes. Once students understand how to work interprofessionally, they are ready to enter the workplace as a member of the collaborative practice team. This is a key step in moving health systems from fragmentation to a position of strength.”

Source: World Health Organization (WHO). (2010). Framework for action on interprofessional education & collaborative practice. Geneva: World Health Organization.

A primary goal of the grant is to design and implement new interprofessional models of education at CHETN and CCHS. We are meeting this goal by creating interprofessional teams of graduate students in nursing, pharmacy, public health, and nutrition to provide care to rural and underserved clients. Training and care delivery are based on an Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality training program, TeamSTEPPS for Primary Care.

Want to learn a model for team-based care that will enhance your career? Meet other students from other professions to train and work together in community health care? To join a team or learn more contact the program administrator, Meredith York, at

Student Learning Objectives

Readings to be completed prior to on-campus training day:

Please watch Poor Teamwork in the Primary Care Medical Office and then watch Good Teamwork in the Primary Care Medical Office.

Students seeing patients at Chota Community Health Services are required to watch several videos for Chota’s orientation. Many of the videos are on YouTube and can be accessed through the below links. However, there are also four additional videos that will need to be watched here at CON. Students are encouraged to contact either April Byrant the Faculty Liaison for CHETN or Libby King the Faculty Liaison for Chota ( to set up an appointment to watch the videos prior to going to the clinic at Chota March 2nd. Ms. Bryant has office hours on Wednesdays from 9 p.m. to 3 p.m. in her office in room 154 and Ms. King has office hours on Thursdays from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. in her office in room 127. Students will be given a quiz on several of the videos on their first day of going to Chota. All the Nursing students will be required to go through the orientation, but the Pharmacy, Nutrition and Public Health Students only need to watch the videos if they are assigned to the Chota site.

Required reading for Chota’s orientation:
Fraud, Waste, Abuse Toolkit

Required videos for Chota’s orientation:
14 minutes     HIPAA Privacy and Security Awareness – WITH QUIZ
12 minutes     Workplace Fire Safety – WITH QUIZ
17 minutes     Safety Orientation for Healthcare
13 minutes     Back Safety for Healthcare

YouTube videos: about 2.5 hours

Active Shooter
10 minutes:

Harassment in the Workplace
7 minutes:
4 minutes:
6 minutes:

Cultural Competence
10 minutes:
8 minutes:

Title VI
10 minutes:

Workplace Harassment/Violence
8 minutes:
9 minutes:

Patient Centered Medical Home (PCMH) – Introduction
22 minutes:

PCMH – Coaching Patients
5 minutes:

PCMH – Motivational Interviewing role play
6 minutes:

PCMH – Supporting Patient Self-Management
7 minutes:

PCMH – Stages of Behavior Change
10 minutes:

PCMH – St. Luke’s Summit 2014: Managing Patient Populations
15 minutes:

PCMH – How Effective Communication Contributes to Health Equity
7 minutes:

Recommended IPE Readings:

Training Days:

  • Dress comfortably, bring a snack or lunch, and complete the readings and video.
  • This is a fun and engaging experience with other students and faculty from health care–related professions.
  • Team training + Simulation allows students the opportunity to practice newly acquired skills and handle patient/family situations.

Interprofessional Education, Training and Practice with a Rural Community Practice Partner in the Southern Appalachians of Tennessee, USA; Authors Katherine Morgan, MSN, Kathleen Brown, PhD, Karen Lasater, DNP, Shaun Rowe PharmD; Presented at the 2016 All Together Health Conference in Oxford, England

Other IPE Opportunities at UT Knoxville

  • IPE Training Date: Friday, September 8th from 12 p.m. to 5 p.m.
  • September @ CHETN Team 1
    Thursday, September 14
    Friday, September 15
    Thursday, September 21
    Friday, September 29
  • October @ Chota Team 2
    Friday, October 13
    Thursday, October 19
    Thursday, October 26
    Friday, October 27
  • November Team 3 @ CHETN
    Thursday, Nov 2
    Thursday, Nov 9
    Thursday, Nov 16
    Thursday, Nov 30