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Graduate Fees

2016–17 Cost Estimates for Graduate Nursing Students*

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Fees MSN (Anesthesia Only) DNP/PhD
Graduate School Application Fee $60 $60
Tuition Waivers / Discounts
International Student Charges
$615 in-state hourly rate; $1,626 out-of-state hourly rate
Graduate Program Fee $250 per year $250 per year
CON Seat Fee $250/$2,000 for Anesthesia $250
CastleBranch Requirements
  • background check
  • drug screen
  • physician examination
  • immunization records tracking
  • licenses and certifications (program specific requirement, including one
    or more of the following: RN, CPR, APN, PALs, ACLs)
$65-95 + variable cost of obtaining all documentation
Personal Health Insurance
Can be obtained through variable agencies or UT Student Health Center.
variable variable
Student Professional Liability Insurance
Automatic yearly charge during first week of first graduate nursing course.
$25 $25
Course Fee (flat rate) $200 per clinical course (Anesthesia courses: $200/clinical and $575/each) $200 per course
Distance Education Fee $46 per credit hour (if applicable) $46 per credit hour
Graduation Fee $30 $75
Miscellaneous Supplies
Computer, software, textbooks, nursing society organization membership fees, etc.
variable variable

Prices listed are estimates and are subject to change. UT reserves the right to adjust tuition charges when deemed necessary. Official fees are set by the UT Board of Trustees in June/July of each year.