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BSN to PhD

Year 1

Fall I (11 hours) Hours
511: Statistical Methods 3
601: Philosophy & Knowledge Development for Nursing Science 3
603: Nursing Inquiry & Research Design 3
615: Research Ethics in the Health Sciences 2
Spring I (9 hours)
602: Advanced Statistical Methods for Health Care Research 3
605: Middle-Range Theory for Nursing Science Development 3
610: Review & Critique of Scientific Literature 3
Summer I (3 hours)
Cognate Course I 3
Milestone: Preliminary Exam

Year 2

Fall II (9 hours) Hours
608: Quantitative Nursing Research 3
613: Nursing Leadership in Complex Systems 3
Cognate Course II 3
Spring II (9 hours)
607: Qualitative Nursing Research 3
611: Advanced Quantitative Nursing Research 3
Cognate Course III 3
Summer II (3 hours)
614: Preceptorship 3

Year 3

Fall III (6 hours) Hours
612: Health and Health Care Policy 3
Cognate Course IV 3
Spring III (6 hours)
606: Nursing Research Seminar 3
609: Research Practicum 3
Summer III (3 hours)
566: Education Principles & Strategies for Healthcare Prof. 3
Milestone: Comprehensive Exam

Year 4

Fall IV (12 hours) Hours
600: Doctoral Research and Dissertation 12
Spring IV (12 hours)
600: Doctoral Research and Dissertation 12

Note: The university requires 24 hours of N600, which can be allocated across semesters according to the level of involvement in the research each semester. Time required for completion of a dissertation is quite variable, dependent upon the topic, methodology, resources, and other life responsibilities of the doctoral candidate. Nine months to a year is probably a minimum. Continuous registration in N600 is required until completion.

**Comprehensive examination in January, followed by admission to candidacy and pursuit of the dissertation research.

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