Sarah Vance

Sarah Vance

Simulation Coordinator


As the Simulation Coordinator, Sarah is responsible for coordinating the daily facilitation of all simulated activities, but will mostly be focused in the high-fidelity labs. The Simulation Coordinator also assists other members of the team, including faculty and students, are well-supported to ensure a psychologically safe learning environment for all.


With roots tracing back to Memphis and a Bachelor’s from UT College of Nursing, East Tennessee’s mountains and charm hold a special place in Sarah’s heart. As a committed “Vol for Life,” UT Knoxville not only shaped Sarah’s education but also led her to find love with her fiancĂ©. With a family legacy at UT, including her parents, brother, and sister-in-law as alumni, Sarah is deeply connected to the UT community. Sarah’s most recent passion is her enthusiasm to channel her excitement for preparing nurses by being a member of an innovative program dedicated to nurturing student development and cultivating a safe, supportive space for healthcare growth and knowledge.