Hailey Hernandez

Hailey Hernandez

Graduate Clinical Coordinator


Hernandez serves as the Graduate Clinical Coordinator at the College of Nursing, with six years of compliance experience. In this capacity, she manages clinical placements, ensuring that graduate students remain in strict adherence to compliance regulations and protocols. Her core responsibilities include credentialing preceptors and affiliating with clinical partners for successful clinical practicum experiences for students. She works closely with the Graduate Programs team and concentration faculty, facilitates Graduate Student Affairs Committee meetings, and works with College and University stakeholders to develop the academic experience of graduate nursing students.


Hernandez attained the Certified Administrative Professional (CAP) certification in May 2023, and completed UT’s Safe Zone training in November 2022. She was recognized for her contributions to the College of Nursing with the prestigious Power T Award in May 2022. She holds a bachelor’s degree in biology from Stetson University. When she is not on Rocky Top, Hailey enjoys exploring the vibrant city of Knoxville, trying new recipes in the kitchen, or practicing yoga with her furry feline companion nearby.