Dr. Carole Myers Named 2020 Notable Woman of the Year

Carole R. Myers, professor at the College of Nursing received the 2020 Knoxville Association of Women Executives’ (KAWE) Lucy Gibson Notable Woman of the Year Award. Myers is a Senior Fellow at the Center for Health Policy and Media Engagement at the George Washington University and past American Association of Colleges of Nursing Policy Fellow (2017-2018). Myers has been associated with the university since 2002. Prior to this she worked in the private business sector as a health benefits consultant for two Fortune 500 companies and owned and operated a private benefits consulting company. Myers started her career as a Family Nurse Practitioner, owning and operating the only solely nurse-owned clinic rural primary care clinic in the state at the time.

Myers is a frequent speaker to professional and lay and local and international audiences. In addition, she is a prolific user of social media and writer to advance various policies and other reforms. She is a contributing editor and writes a policy column for the American Journal of Nursing. She frequently writes op-eds, other columns, commentaries, book chapters, and articles for professional and lay publications. Myers co-hosts HealthConnections, a bi-weekly, award-winning radio show on WUOT, the Knoxville NPR-affiliate.

Myers has made a strong impact on nursing and health care, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic.  She has held many significant roles in developing healthcare policies related to health care reforming access to the care and the development of leadership skills in nursing. Her efforts at “engage scholarship,” focused on disadvantaged populations and are an excellent example of public service and partnerships focusing on real work issues.

“As an unsung hero in health policy and advocacy for better health and healthcare for our state and nation, I strongly believe that Dr. Myers is deserving of this recognition.” Says Victoria Niederhauser, dean of the College of Nursing, “She has demonstrated exemplary research and creative activity in the area of health policy and advocacy and has led many initiatives that have made a significant difference in the health and well-being of our community.”

Myers stays grounded through her connection and commitment to her rural lifestyle and family. She is an avid gardener, former and future beekeeper, and outdoor enthusiast. She enjoys hiking in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park and recently has embraced kayaking.

Locally founded in 1982, KAWE is dedicated to advancing its members professionally and personally through networking, mentoring, and leadership opportunities. The Lucy Gibson Notable Woman of the Year elects a donation to be made to the charity of her choice. Myers elected The Sertoma Center with a $500 donation being made by KAWE.



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