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Knoxville Community Development Corporation, College of Nursing Partner to Receive Grant Funding from Trinity Health Foundation of East Tennessee.

Knoxville Community Development Corporation in close collaboration with The University of Tennessee, College of Nursing has received a grant that will support the expansion of services to the adult population at Guy B. Love Towers.

The grant is funded by Trinity Health Foundation of East Tennessee.

“The College of Nursing is excited to partner with KCDC to provide primary health care services to the residents of Guy B. Love Towers,” said Nan Gaylord, associate dean of practice and global affairs. “Other KCDC residents may also be provided care as the community partnership develops, grows, and becomes sustainable over time. It is important that the university, faculty, and students, be involved in addressing needs in our community while teaching and learning.”

The College of Nursing’s successful innovative model of healthcare delivery is a cost-effective and creative solution that helps to remove barriers to health care access by being present in the community.

College of Nursing advanced practice registered nurse faculty will deliver primary care at Guy B. Love Towers.

Guy B. Love Towers is a high-rise property with two seven-story apartment buildings. The building provides a safe, comfortable community for seniors, disabled, and near-elderly individuals. The identified needs of the resident population are primary care services that identify chronic diseases early and intervene with evidence-based interventions for diagnosed chronic diseases. Other primary care services include addressing healthy lifestyles to prevent physical and emotional conditions causing illness and disability.

However, the health care needs of residents at Love Towers are complicated. Residents frequently miss primary care appoints due to lack of transportation, and instead use emergency medical services for care.

The Phase II grant funds, if awarded, will support two years of primary health care services at the Love Towers.



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