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Alumni Valentine’s Day Spotlight: Working Well Together

Nate Davis (’07) and Ashley Davis (’07) pictured with their two children.

Ashley (’07) and Nate Davis (’07) were both College of Nursing students when they met in 2005. What started out as a friendship grew into more between the two nurse anesthesia students.

“Nate and I were friends just like most of the other SRNAs in our class. I admired Nate’s integrity, the way he interacted with other people, and absolutely adored him as a friend,” said Ashley. “In addition to a very handsome appearance, his sense of humor and his humility were attractive. As we got to be better friends, I quickly realized we had so much in common. Our outlook and philosophy on life, goals, and work ethic were similar.”

Ashley and Nate were two out of 12 students that were in the SRNA cohort. The SRNA students got to know each other well due to the long hours required during the anesthesia program.

“I remember Thanksgiving Day in 2006 I was the SRNA on day call and Ashley was the SRNA on night call. It was a very busy trauma day that day and I had worked straight through the entire day. Ashley came in that evening to relieve me. I remember her coming into the big trauma case I was working and I was so happy to see her,” said Nate. “I was happy to see her because she was my friend and we were able to catch up while I gave report. I was happy to see her because I knew this was going to be a challenging case and she was very smart and would do an awesome job in a stressful situation.”

Working together is all the couple has ever known. They were classmates working together in both didactic and clinical settings, and they transitioned together as colleagues following graduation.

In 2012 Ashley and Nate started Advanced Anesthesia Solutions, Inc. a company that manages clients anesthesia needs.

“There are days that we eat, sleep, and work side-by-side,” said Ashley. In 2017, they became business partners on a second endeavor- a boutique fitness studio.

Ashley and Nate’s anesthesia business has more than tripled in size since 2012 and their boutique fitness studio is opening a second location in 2021. “So many good things in my life have come from his love, encouragement and support,” said Ashley. “We have been together as a couple since 2007 and my love and admiration for him have only grown stronger. We work well together.”



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