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Blog: Many Hands Make for Light Work aka A Clarion Call for Claritin (and Colace)

We’re halfway through camp week and we’re beginning to see all of the expected nursing fun of a week away from home while enjoying the outdoors in the springtime:  headaches and tummy aches, bumps and scrapes, and, the title says it all, plenty of seasonal allergies. It has been rewarding for the ABSN students to get the opportunity to help take care of the campers and counselors alike so that they can all get back to what they want to do…and that we students can keep learning what we’re here to learn.

The ABSN students are also enjoying working with the dedicated RNs who have volunteered their time to help this week at Camp Koinonia. As a group we are becoming a well-oiled machine, working together to get our campers in and out for morning and evening medications as quickly as possible so that the campers can enjoy the beautiful weather we are all finally getting!

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On that note, the campers are canoeing, horseback riding, fishing, playing basketball, riding bikes, conducting science experiments, learning to cook, doing yoga and learning how to ask someone to the highly anticipated dance. All the while, the student nurses are mixing some relationship advice into their medical advice to make sure all the campers are both healthy and hitched for that final big night at camp!

We can’t wait for tonight’s bonfire…but if you want to ask us about it – or anything else – you better find us quickly before we get back out onto the lake in those kayaks!

Written by ABSN students Charlsey Thornton and Andrew Lee.